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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hey guys..

I was thinking really hard lol
and it brought me back to 2007.
I was a freshman in college just turned 18 years to Patchouge Long Island..completly BROKE and scared.

I somehow got a job working with IGHL
Independent Group Home Living
this organization is one who caters to the Mentally Disabled assisting them to carry out a normal every day life style and helping them become as independent as possible. I worked monday-friday 8am-4pm

I soooo loved this job. Mind you I had NOOOO experience with mentally disabled adults. But working with IGHL i learned soooo much.

now the point. I was around so many diff type of ppl. The location was broken up into 13 rooms...classroom style., Each room to cater to diff behaviors or diff conditions

for example
in room 1...only one person was able to walk...and 2 were vocal..everyone else were in wheelchairs..unable to speak unable to do ANYTHING for themselves...sounds so sad right..imagine you entire day in a wheelchair..
well these ppl were so happy...we used lights music keep them entertained. And you will always see a smile on someones face at the end of the day.

Room 11 was such a behavorial if u wanst skip trained ( a method used to restrain the consumers when they flip out wout hurting them) i swear u woulda got ur ass whooped! In this room there was a blind man..couldnt see a damn thing...somehow everytime i walked in his classroom he said hi lee! he was always happy and willing to share..always asked me how i was doing and he loved to dance..
i can go on for days speaking of these ppl

wait one more...BILLY!
omg billy was such a pain in the butt..he had a cursing problem..homeboy would spazz and spit at you omg it was so bad! BUT...wen u put Lionel Richie on...oh man Billy was such a sweetheart...

anywhoooo motive of this is to say...that I dont understand how im possibly unhappy with life..i can walk..i can talk..i can see im capable of doing for myself..i dont have to depend on no one to do anything for whats the deal?
working with IGHL i seen some of the worst mental health conditions..,but somehow these consumers were so HAPPY.


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