The older I get the more I realize that life is a puzzle..and GOD is the only one that knows were all the missing pieces are. He's watching over me as I find these pieces...Im sharing some of my moments with you..and hopefully you are enjoying your journey while you find your pieces.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


How hard will it be
to let go
to turn my face and
let it go away
to wake up in the morning
without it on my mind
to go throughout my day
without giving it time
to smile a smile
without it being an effect
of its cause
to not want it
to finally say no more
how easy woulld it be
for me to embrace its hugs
to fall into its arms
and feel no harm
how great would it be
to hold its hand
and say "yea this is my man!"
how stupid would it be
if all this was true
how untrue it would be
to say im not into you

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