The older I get the more I realize that life is a puzzle..and GOD is the only one that knows were all the missing pieces are. He's watching over me as I find these pieces...Im sharing some of my moments with you..and hopefully you are enjoying your journey while you find your pieces.

Monday, September 6, 2010 not Hotel...HOTSEL

Did you guys know these things existed?
Well..we used a hotsel as location for an
alter-ego shoot..with fellow model Jah Jah Bankz
I was so terrified..
its like a giant dorm..usually people that travel for a couple of days stay in them
but anyways peep this video..
we were gettin attacked lol
Im such an idiot...
heres a pic more comin soon

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  1. Utterly delightful. You are not an idiot at all. The word you are refering to is Hostel. Hostels are very budget friendly especially in Europe. An inexpensive place for travelers to stay where you could rent a bed or bunk bed, and share a bathroom. It can be awesome depending on where you stay, but some are really kind of sketchy. Oh and also they made 2 movies up about them I am not sure if you saw Hostel and Hostel 2, they were kind of scary. That picture is really nice! Two beautiful women. Enjoy your life, it is the kind of life women envy you know. Traveling, modeling, have fun you know! You are beautiful.